Heidi Boscola

Heidi Boscola

Operations Manager


2129 13th Street
Boulder, CO. 80302

Office: 303-443-5575

Fax: 303-443-5585

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Heidi has worked at Mutual Security Mortgage since 2012 and has worked in the mortgage industry for 28 years. Her knowledge of the industry, regulations, and operations are an asset to Mutual Security and are drawn upon balance excellent customer service and quality. With over 20 years of Operations Manager experience, Heidi has worked very closely with sales and feels that operations should strive to meet high standards of customer satisfaction, quality, and investor rating. Her expansive knowledge of the mortgage industry is invaluable to both the loan officers that she assists, as well as the clients that rely upon Mutual Security for the mortgage needs. Heidi’s diligence and attention to detail keeps the office running smoothly which translates to a more efficient and enjoyable experience to the clients we service. “I started my career working for a retail lender and over the years have been blessed to work with some wonderful groups. My path took me into both, wholesale and mini-correspondent divisions as well as operations, quality control, and compliance. I feel that I have come full circle and today use all of my knowledge and experience to have a positive impact on not only our individual clients, but also the Realtors that we partner with and their local real estate community as a whole.”